Caulfield Cup Form Guide

The Caulfield Cup form guide is one of the most important betting tools any punter can have. Containing a broad range of information that would be impossible to gather independently, the Caulfield Cup form guide is certainly a valuable betting asset to have.

Using the Caulfield Cup form guide can at times be complicated, but overall there are a few important things to focus on.

Look at a horse’s racing history, and how often they’ve placed or won. Usually this information is provided as a percentage, but it helps to look at the numbers individually. If a horse has failed to place in several prior starts, it may be having difficulty getting into form. Conversely, if a horse has been in the top 3 in its last few starts, then it’s probably at peak fitness and ready to fire.

The race distance matters. Look through the results and see if a horse has been successful in 2400m races in the past. If not, then there’s a strong chance they won’t do so well in the Caulfield Cup. Keep in mind that great runs over 3200m do not necessarily translate to guaranteed success over 2400m. The same can be said for 2000m races – you don’t want to back a fantastic horse who ends their finishing charge before the post.

Track conditions can matter a lot. A horse that tends to get its wins on dead tracks probably won’t fare well on a good rated Caulfield track.

The 2017 Caulfield Cup form guide is below.